Thursday, December 08, 2005

Surrender. . .

The Unabridged Version

We just have a promise of a meeting
And I am already filling this evening
With colors – ochre, gold, deep pink.

But every shade that I choose
Is assumed by thoughts of you

And now all I wish
Is to spread
Like a pinch of vermilion
At the crescent
Where your hair
Lords over your forehead.


© Dan Husain
December 05, 2005


kaaju katli said...

Surrender that is so evocatively coloured, who wouldn't want that? It's like a painting in words.

Anonymous said...

even better than the abridged version...*applauds* :)

anu said...

Hi Dan :)

You write such lovely poems.
I loved reading them.

Especially the three liner ones. So little, simple and innocent they are.

Thank you for your comments and the kind words you wrote to me:)

I hope your father is keeping good health. My prayers and best wishes for good health for your father.

Its a great privilege to be on your page are such a great writer and poet.

Sush said...

thts really beautiful...nice!

ArchanaD said...

i like the shorter version far better! the first 2 stanzas here seem to take away the charm by being too mushy, too senti, too... well...

N said...

Simply beautiful.