Monday, October 31, 2005


They burn, hiss,
Crackle, glow,
Simmer under
An ash-laden patina
Like the worlds we live –
A trapezing heart
Masked with
A mild demeanor.

But when the flames erupt
They consume
What you & I
So dearly saved
For cozy afternoons,
Bliss jingling days
And leave in their wake
A charred carcass
Of a love never meant to be.

© Dan Husain
May 8, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005


There are two ways of living life - successfully and unsuccessfully. Successful is when your name is a brand, you have a collective body of work that has altered or enriched the world/ times you live in and you have a bank balance where you do not live from month to month. Unsuccessful is everything else. :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is Not what I wrote for you...

there is a poem within a poem

as it swells and stretches
words on paper

trying hard
to break through
myriad hues
with which i paint
my obvious feelings

but no, it won’t rest
till i have waded


trippy metaphors
trailing anaphors
toppled similes
lying crushed
at the margins
of my poetic hubris

and strung a fresh one
stripped off my pretensions

hope brimming my eyes
wishfully plead

you smile

ahh…my words
breath awaited
sigh relief

© Dan Husain
October 19, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Muse Tonight. . .

Hope –
It’s my muse tonight.
It drinks wine with me.
Gurgling, gushing
Down my gullet –
A bitter taste –
Churning my innards
Till I vomit
Blood and disease.

But no, I won’t miss her.
Hope is here

Like a muezzin’s call
From its soaring minarets
Beckoning me
To summon faith,
To look straight
Into the night’s face,
Shut my door
On her

And keep
In this dank musky room
My flowers in full bloom.

© Dan Husain
October 10, 2005

PS: I watched ‘Cinderella Man’ today with few students of mine. After the movie, as I drove back, I kept hearing the song ‘The Great Beyond’ by REM. I guess this is my complex response to the events of today’s evening. The phrase ‘flowers in full bloom’ is taken from REM’s song. I hope I am not nailed for plagiarism and this sleight of words get passed as creative freedom. :-)