Monday, December 26, 2005


they've put today a monument
where once was an empty space
and changed forever
my pristine past,
my virgin landscape


rusty said...

Yeah.....everything changes....and it is just too damn difficult to let go. All this is perhaps part of a larger picture ....slightly obscure and not quite apparent right now....but hopefully for the best. Thats all we can hope.Good luck !

dreamer said...


is it translated.

mermaid said...

"Virgin landscape." It reminds me of change, and the difficulty and surprises that come with it. I hope "the monument" becomes part of a new, joyous landscape.

Michael said...

at the cost of repeating myself...kya kha kar paida hue the is it that you pick up such fine nuances of life that even romantically inclined people overlook

asuph said...

stumbled upon this blog from your comment on some other blog...

this one knocked me down.. my only crib is that the title doesn't do justice to it... it's too abused a word, imho..

off to read more.