Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dances With Hope

Like a glistening street
on an autmn day
hopes play mischief
with my dreams,
make them sway
and I let the moment ferment
its own sweet little tale
as it gels with the afternoon sky -
ephemeral, azure, refreshingly pale.
They make me drown
in eidetic images
of a life unlived,
your beautiful face,
a balmy smile,
and a dream unfulfilled.
And I may take a day off
or perhaps a lifetime
to string these pearls
in an eternal rhyme.

© Dan Husain
7th January 2001

PS: I thought the whole month will go without a post. Didn't have anything new so I pulled out this old poem. I wonder I'd write like this anymore. I don't fully approve this. :-)