Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For Freedom, We Fight

“For Freedom, We Fight” -
fluorescent words
glimmering under car lights
on a wall
against which we once leaned,
our lips entwined
in a life-giving kiss.
Oh! I so much wanted freedom then
to break free from the shackles
that fettered our unsanctioned love.

But now my moist eyes
only see fluorescent words
glimmering under car lights
on a wall,
that’s just a wall
in this ugly city;
defaced, an eye-sore,
mouthing metaphors –
mere slogans from history –
and then it dwindles out of sight
with a vague phrase prancing in my head.

“From Freedom, We Fight”.

© Dan Husain
August 30, 2005

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Peace & Its Discontents*

Here! Right here!
Let’s draw a line
and reach an understanding
albeit hesitant
that we will not
step across it.

But then who is to decide
what is righteous?
The loose ends, the cul-de-sacs
in the labyrinth in our heads
often spill on to the other side;
barbed spaces
where our tolerance resides.
And then the discontent,
fermenting underneath with gnomic intent,
like Azaan at the crack of dawn
will pierce through this uneasy peace,
shattering it
long after stillness has settled
in our clattering teeth.

© Dan Husain
February 11, 2006

* A tribute to Edward Said. It is the title of one of the books he wrote on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace accord. This is for the passing away of a truly great scholar.