Monday, December 19, 2005

Ecphrasis: Christina's World

Painting: Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth


Gossamer laden dreams
Of yellow mornings
On green acres
Where air redolent
Of love, longing
And your wildflowers
Wafts through
My poetic musings
Possess me
Spin words
That spill out
Like your portrait
Mauve dressed
Maybe pink
Staring across
Green acres
Lit with yellow mornings
To a barn
Where once
Our love blossomed
But now
It wears thin into
A gossamer laden dream.

Evaporating in your sighs;
Maybe in my poetic themes.

© Dan Husain
June 25, 2005


Anonymous said...

exquisite...both the pic as well as the poem :)

Blue Athena said...
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uninterlaced said...

it takes me away somewhere i wish i didnt have to go