Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My New Play

I have to be a drunken sod in a new play
And charm women who, to my wit, are blasé.
I have funny lines filled with malapropism,
An awkward gait with quirky mannerism.

But we’re not playing Brecht, Beckett or Pinter,
Not even Tennessee William’s ‘A Cat on A Hot Tin Roof’,
We're merely adapting a genteel Irish tale to an Awadhi winter
And yet we find men across cultures a farce, a spoof.

© Dan Husain
December 21, 2005

PS: The play is 'Aristocrats' by Brian Friel. Our adaptation is called 'Mirza Bagh' and will be staged in Delhi in March, 2006. Watch the blog 'Doing Delhi' for more details. :-)


Blue Athena said...
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shyloh said...

And the band plays on. So it seems.


Anonymous said...

good luck :)

Sush said...

nice...good luck :)

Vaishnavi said...

ha, i agree.. yu havent said anything new about men ... yu just make it adorable as ususal...

wish i can make it to the play -- good luck


John said...

Hi Dan,

All the best for the new play. My ambition is to see you act soon!


Shankari said...

'genteel irish'? And it takes a helluva man to say such a thing about men!

david raphael israel said...


break a leg or heal an arm
let them drown in surplus charm
Mirza's bagh's not Beckett's game?
Irish (like all men) have karm

Incidentelamente, while your Mirza Bagh's not Pinter -- my (imagined self in) Lal Bagh is ... likewise not Pinter.

If this amounts to mere coincidence, I will perhaps begin to consider the hat-eating concept.

cheers, d.i.