Monday, March 13, 2006

The Line...

Between the here and there,
between courage and fear,
between love and longing,
between knowing & belonging,
between fisticuffs and handshakes,
between letting go and heartbreaks,
between knowledge and wisdom,
between thoughts and action,
between inertia and initiative,
between certain and tentative,
between criticism and mudslinging,
between ignorance and awakening,
between you and me,
between they and we
there is only a thin line
dwindling somewhere in your mind;

step across it!

© Dan Husain
March 2, 2005


Aradhita said...

Nice :)

ozymandiaz said...

Just don't trip over it, right?

sophie said...

between near and dear
between red and blood
between life and death
between he and she...
a hair line fracture...

sigmund fraud said...

This made good reading.

Cocaine Jesus said...

i love the repetition and cadence of this. like hammer blows tapping away at their point.

Φ said...

brilliant always..wah :)

anu said...

lovely Dan :)

Oz? you are too cute!

dialysis doctor said...

its so simple yet powerful, see u at the show, dan,

yvaine said...

I love this! After all that confusion, all we need is a simple call to action. Hard to cross the line though but eventually we all have to!

Inkblot said...

nice concept and well executed too.

Shilpa F D'Mello said...

very nice! loved reading your poems!!