Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For Freedom, We Fight

“For Freedom, We Fight” -
fluorescent words
glimmering under car lights
on a wall
against which we once leaned,
our lips entwined
in a life-giving kiss.
Oh! I so much wanted freedom then
to break free from the shackles
that fettered our unsanctioned love.

But now my moist eyes
only see fluorescent words
glimmering under car lights
on a wall,
that’s just a wall
in this ugly city;
defaced, an eye-sore,
mouthing metaphors –
mere slogans from history –
and then it dwindles out of sight
with a vague phrase prancing in my head.

“From Freedom, We Fight”.

© Dan Husain
August 30, 2005


Twilight Fairy said...


I have received your play details this time (caferati). To answer your question, no we havent met before but I have been in blogdom since more than 2 years now..maybe that's why the nick sounds familiar :p (this is assuming that I have that kind of readership :) )

Anonymous Poet said...

An interesting intersection of politics and love.

Inkblot said...

don't forget it, please. don't let it fade.

Blue Athena said...
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Michael said...

quite unsettling!!

kaaju katli said...

Remember reading it on the board. Good work!


I saw this poem enfold in my mind. I love the visuals, especially the words,

"fluorescent words
glimmering under car lights
on a wall
against which we once leaned,
our lips entwined
in a life-giving kiss."

ozymandiaz said...

Hello Dan, another dan here. I just want to let you know that I frequent your site even though I don't comment alot (or at all?). I love and am awed by your poetry. It pretty much leaves me speachless, which in my case is a good thing.

Twilight Fairy said...

Sorry, couldnt see your play. I stay at gurgaon and though I go to Delhi on weekends, it was particularly crazy this weekend. How did it go?

The Individualist said...

The description makes the visuals run inside the mind making the lines extremely effective. Nice fodder.

anu said...

Hi Dan, such lovely poems. How's dad doing?

anu said...

Dan try out Breach candy / Hinduja / Lilavati. They are far more professional and clean and take reasonably good care.

asuph said...


Beautiful... i really like the poems that despite not having a structure read effortlessly... this one has a great flow in addition to its sublimity...

and thanks for dropping by on my blog (although that is an old blog that I've abondoned).


Anonymous said...

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