Monday, January 30, 2006

A Long Evening Walk...

Under a cold-blooded sky
pigmented with your thoughts
I walk from stillness to motion

but with each step the truth peels off
as colors do from mildewed buildings,
as the skin does from freshly healed wounds

and I wonder,
in a mist-gathering hug,
was the world more colored at standstill?

© Dan Husain
January 28, 2006


Blue Athena said...
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Rose said...

I have recently discovered how much I love poetry, while studying English at college and I was suprised to see it when I stumbled across your blog.

Great blog!

Love Jen x

Φ said...

Zealous prognostic verses
'bout the worldly hues
In inertia & motion, I would write
But dear friend,
All that you speak off
Doesn't “matter” to this “mind”
For all there is, gouts of blood
In that reddish tint, am eternally blind

Heretic said...

Lovely ones. You seem to inspire the best in Athena too!

Had to have my 2c, so here goes:
"as the skin does.." since skin would be referred to in the singular?

/*Insert disclaimer: You're of course the best judge. :-) */

Pincushion said...

'but with each step the truth peels off
like colors from mildewed buildings,'

What a beautiful simile! You have a way of capturing, that which cannot be!

mermaid said...

I'm still trying to peel away the layers to get to the core of this. That's how deep it is!

Bohemian said...

and I wonder,
in a mist-gathering hug,
was the world more colored at standstill?

totally identify with these lines...*sigh*

Inkblot said...

wish we knew..

Vanathi said...

Good one :)

nomadic_waves said...

The comment space is just as rich with poetry as the blog itself..a lovely tapestry of words....

Anonymous Poet said...

I like the transparency of this piece. Very much.

gul said...

hi danish.. nice poetry!

gul apa

kaaju katli said...

For some reason, I didn't warm up to this one much. It's well written nevertheless, like all your work :-)

Shilpa F D'Mello said...

hey... thanks for dropping by... about my poem - yeh hai meri kahani... its my poem, not the song lyrics... of course the thoughts sprang frm the thought "and this is my story"...which i picked up from the song...