Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Fan

In your head
There is violence,
Malice, jealousy,
Unquiet silence.

And you think
The same for me.
It strains your
Casual repartee.

How you wish a knife
Twisted into my guts.
Spit on my face, see it
Sullied with your insults.

But when we meet,
“Oh! I love your poetry!”
“Ah! Just wordplay!”
I quip with feigned modesty.

©Dan Husain
January 7, 2006


Blue Athena said...
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Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, ain't it the truth, man. See what Dante does to the flatterers.

Enemy of the Republic said...
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Vijayeta said...

Perfectly succint!
Happy New Year :)

Michael said...


mermaid said...

This reminds me of all the comments I read and post on blogs. How much is "feigned modesty", and how much is truthful?

I'll have to honestly say that my favorite works are simple, at least my own. To me, it's obvious when I'm trying to hard, vs. letting it flow naturally.

N said...

Lovely, biting truth! Nice one, Dan. And thank you muchly for comment on my blog :).

death said...
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death said...

you always *THIS* angry !?

darkness said...

firstly, thanks for dropping at my blog.
strange that you understood what i was saying. With thoughts like these , it becomes difficult to state your reasons.... why I wrote this? what was I thinking. This is my first blog... so totally inexperienced. Do you offer justifications when asked? I don't know how to.
I don't remember meeting you that day, I think i left soon after the show.

chamki said...

oh ! i love your poetry!
simple and true. i like it

chamki said...

im on a little blog tour, i hope you wouldnt mind me putting a link to your post on my blog.
If u do please inform me and i shall make the changes.

Lady said...


Anonymous Poet said...

I sense a bitter rivalry between poets.

Have you considered settling the matter with a duel of pens?

Talking Contradiction said...

Very nice, my man, very nice.
Quite simply a treat for the eyes
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Michael said...

Belated Id Wishes Sweety!!

Aradhita said...

The day to day hypocrisy I presume..

well there are times whe I read some post of somebody which like, but dont comment on it.. but silently pass by... probably its becoz I dont know how much my words will be beileved...