Saturday, January 14, 2006


There is this little boy
Who stands everyday
At the same intersection
Selling the usual ware.

He smiles at me, winks,
Taunts, even pleads
But I just ignore.

But then I wonder
It can’t be hope alone,
Someone must be buying too
For him to stand there
Day after day
And weather indifference.

© Dan Husain
January 11, 2006


Blue Athena said...
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dreamer said...

or maybe he doesnt have any other choice.

Anonymous Poet said...

A great little vignette. This has a very sparse, realistic style.

"Weathering the indifference." A perfect way to sum up one of the harsher aspects of life.

kaaju katli said...

This one makes me sad :( I see this everyday - the usual wares may vary but the pain is always there. Well captured, Dan.

Heretic said...

Dan bhai, would it end better with
"And weather my indifference"?

fine print: of course I'm no poet, but I love leaving comments, esp. on the blogs of better writers. :-))

Parul Gahlot said...

This is the third time I've read a poignant poem about a child on the street... one of them mine... we are such helpless creatures... voyeurism creates our poetry sometimes... your poem mother accurately illustrates our apathy.
I like your words.

mermaid said...

This is one of my favorites. The title is both a physical place and metaphor for where the boy is in time, where you are in your observation of him.

sigmund fraud said...

Dang it ! I had just scribbled the first few raw lines on the same theme yesterday ! Now I got to do better or spike the idea!

Neat writing.

Φ said...

Yes I agree with Athena, hope does matter. But more than that I feel its the world of choices we are it ware dude or dan :)