Wednesday, November 23, 2005

When Words Fail...

Oh! I am
Entangled again
In this
Web of arguments
That you’ve spun
With your deft tongue.

No, it was not
Meant to be like this.
I thought
I had my wit.

I came prepared –
Jokes, poems,
Best of quotes,
Men’s thoughts cloaked
In their best prose,
Even l’esprit d’escalier
If worst forces
A tongue to be a rapier.

But now all is lost.
I'll have to content with
A moment mocking while
Words on my lips frost.

© Dan Husain
November 22, 2005


Blue Athena said...
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kaaju katli said...

Words fail me all the time, but what cannot be spoken can be written so beautifully - that I did not know. Terrific!


Oh, how I know that feeling well, no matter how much you prepare, words may fail you at the time.

Answer to your question on my blog

Pragya said...

Yes some people do have the power to render some witless or wordless. More often than not it may be utter disbelief or incredulousness at the arguments that the one rendered witless is hearing.


Lorena said...

love the imagery in the last line.
"Words on my lips frost."