Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Of Uncertain Dreams, Of Uncertain Conversations. . .

In an uncertain dream
An apparition stares at me,
Blood on his temple, his lips stretched,
Perhaps smiling.
Is he an angel, is he me?
I don’t know.
He says something
That I don’t understand
Wrapped in a dissolving realm
He’s gone before my stretched hand.

I sit before her
As she talks at length
Of her experiences with love,
(As if she has understood men)
Devotion, matrimony,
Conjugal bliss
But I think she has missed
The excitement,
The defiance,
The madness,
The ability to love
When all is lost,
The infinite suffering, and
The morning after: limping.

In another dream
I have suddenly tripped over
A murderous thought
That ruthlessly clobbers
Claws, rips apart
This child like innocence
And then vanishes
Like a beautiful woman
Mocking at my pedigree.
I try to break free
But she binds me – her smile
Ravishing, carefree.

In a different afternoon
Amidst friends & coffee sessions
I have suddenly lost
The thread of the argument.
There are voices raised, agitated,
High-pitched drama mixed with intellect.
(But in our hearts, as the argument rolls,
We become detached more & more

Amidst rising smoke
And half-burnt conversations
I wish to get up
And walk away.
May be you wish me to stay,
You hold my hand
And smile.
There is still the ache in the heart,
There is still the simmering urge,
There are still unexplained abandoned sentences,
There are still moments unspent
But I have made up my mind
To get up
And walk away.

Dan Husain
Musings from an uncertain date…


Michael said...

Hi, was just blog surfing, got your link from codey...coz the comment you left there was kinda is this poem.. i felt its about feeling lonely in a crowd, or a need to push the limits of a relationship..or that might just be my interpretation..could be comepletely off base..but it's damn neat

My Ramblings... said...

First of all I would like to say thanks for visiting my blog.
uncertain dreams, uncertain conversations...
There are parts in here that actually call out.
I liked this a lot- 'I sit before her...'
Sometimes you maybe sitting with your friends when your mind drifts away and you dont feel part of what they are saying and all you know is that you want out and need to breathe.

Nothings aplenty said...

"The infinite suffering/...The morning after: limping./...In a different afternoon/Amidst friends & coffee sessions/...agitated,/High-pitched drama mixed with intellect./...half-burnt conversations/.... unexplained abandoned sentences,/....still moments unspent..."

feels like smoke curling up from an unfinished cigarette...beautiful.
thank you for dropping by my blog.

bluegreenflysplat said...

thanks so much for the comment. what play did you act in? We're performing a play in Delhi, at Habitat. What dyou do there? Other than live...

bluegreenflysplat said...

i'm trying to think up of an interesting way to describe your poetry... it's very exciting, but more than that, it has that little day-to-day nostalgic rhythm to it which is incredibly enticing.


Anonymous said...

exquisite. brilliant. words fail me :)

Lorena said...

"unexplained abandoned sentences"
i love that.

all these moments are so rich with feeling, with human emotion.
i love these little peeks of uncertainty.

bluegreenflysplat said...

Barry? Barry John? My directors wife has worked with him... she did this film called In Othello...

Anyways the play is calld Creeps, directed by Atul Kumar. It's on as part of the Habitat theatre fest or something like that... just call Renu at the pragrammes desk, she'll know timing and all. So come see it!

Mrudula said...

Isin't it always true that despite all the suffering we still love, or is it the other way round?

Jyotsna said...

More power to your pen Dan!beautiful musings and keep on writing.

Blue Athena said...
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Nikhil Pahwa said...

If I may digress, Dan, where there were rhymes, they seemed forced. Then again, I'm no poet. :)

sophie said...

do u have pain in ur heart...
and has it drizzled into words...