Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is Not what I wrote for you...

there is a poem within a poem

as it swells and stretches
words on paper

trying hard
to break through
myriad hues
with which i paint
my obvious feelings

but no, it won’t rest
till i have waded


trippy metaphors
trailing anaphors
toppled similes
lying crushed
at the margins
of my poetic hubris

and strung a fresh one
stripped off my pretensions

hope brimming my eyes
wishfully plead

you smile

ahh…my words
breath awaited
sigh relief

© Dan Husain
October 19, 2005


Blue Athena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Φ said...

DanClass apart dan mute..cannot even write you back anothe one like Athena did. Am verbally at loss.

This is no poem within a poem, but pure emotions blended in ounce of flesh and Oz of blood..

been indolent to reach this far to your blog..i regret

Gud reading you..

Übermaniam said...

Is it? Hmm...clearly Blue is very, very smart. Or...never mind. Didn't like the poem. But hey, I'm just an ass hole with an opinion. Cheers and later. Will be back. Not sure why. Hope you don't mind. Avi