Friday, October 28, 2005


There are two ways of living life - successfully and unsuccessfully. Successful is when your name is a brand, you have a collective body of work that has altered or enriched the world/ times you live in and you have a bank balance where you do not live from month to month. Unsuccessful is everything else. :-)


Pragya said...

Are most of us unsuccessful then? :)


Pincushion said...

I think I am !(unsuccesful)!
But..i am sure I will have very good company :)

A very id and diwali to you too :)

Pincushion said...

God so many typos in my comment! do forgive me for that, i cd give you reasons..but ;) ..u cd make up ur own :))

A very happy Id and Diwali to you!

Blue Athena said...
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