Thursday, August 25, 2005

Your Smile. . .

I wish to drink poison today
From your life-giving lips
'Cause nothing gives rest
To a besotted heart
Than words riding on
A beloved’s moist breath.

But you choose silence,
Smile –
Throw in
A riddle or two,
This heart in multitudes.

…And I sit here
Untying each knot
Into a poem for you. :-)

© Dan Husain
July 7, 2005


Blue Athena said...
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_Soulless_ said...

This left me literally weak-kneed. Sigh. ^_^ You can win a girl with this piece, I do reckon. Heehee.

iamnasra said...

You won our hearts with this one..Im wondering how much magic that you can stir to ladies with this one

kaaju katli said...


Hardeep said...


Rajendra Pradhan said...

While revising S&Co page-design, thought I should check all the blogs in the list. "life giving" indeed your words, to the poem!


Shilpa F D'Mello said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

This is super:-)
Who IS your muse?