Friday, July 22, 2005


You pull down the jalousie -
A metaphor for your jealousy
As it filters through
Your doe like eyes, your gaping mouth,
The lissome strokes
Of your hand brushing
Against my face.
I pull you in an embrace
Perhaps telling you in my own way
Let it take place, let it take place
This doesn’t in any way
Encroach on our love’s space.

©Dan Husain
May 26, 2003


Batul said...

Hi Dan, Glad you liked "Alias". Though I'm posting a comment on this blog, I actually wanted to remark about "Adha Gaon". I'm envious that you were related to Dr.Rahi. Would certainly like to read more of your reminiscences. The memory of asking your uncle to sign your text book was really sweet, and powerful.

kaaju katli said...


Pincushion said...

'This doesn’t in any way
Encroach on our love’s space..'

..theres such a quiet desperation to this beautiful heart skipped a beat...


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