Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Every second edict
in the leaves of my
how to write bible
teaches me to avoid clichés
as if, to use a cliché, they're plagues
but each time she flings "love"
at the end of her sweet nothings
or nobody's forward mails,
the world in my vision blurs
shrinking around the edges
of l-o-v-e's four letters.

© October 23, 2007 Dan Husain


balihai said...

mian! i could hear your heart sing.
nice 'un.

Blue Athena said...
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ozymandiaz said...

Indeed. I believe the heart knows of no cliche'. Perhaps that is part of my aversion to the standard love poetry fare (especialy my own). I like this very much, though. Its lite but insightful, thought provoking without being heady.
Very nice.

ozymandiaz said...

p.s. two poems in a month, hugh? Be careful, you may spoil your readers...

PerpetualMelody said...

I like this cliché! Light and romantic. The heart indeed knows no clichés. In fact, love itself is a cliché!

purple rain said...

it's amazing how cliches only seem such when they're about other people...experience can change things!

beautifully observed non-cliche, this is :)