Monday, July 30, 2007

May I Borrow Some Love From You?

May I borrow some love from you?
I know you've lent it to him.
And no, I am not asking you
to take it back from him.
Just a momentary transfer,
just enough for me
to put a smile on your face.


Sahar said...

Danish Bhaai, your writing is just too good!!

Anonymous said...

strange how what welcomes us into the world the essence of what we are is what one yearns to find, you ask to borrow some wait wanting to lend. yet there are enough who find nither borrower nor lender ... hope is what some of us are told what keeps us going but hope where does that come from .. why do you want someone to lend you something you possess .. may be if you give enough of what you want you wont have to ask ... just thoughts cant write poetry but just thoughts ... of love peace sorrow and hate

neomatrix said...

Sahi hai, But this girls is only lending her heart .. Not giving ?


Vi said...

On her face - and perhaps yours as well?

Anonymous said...

oh wow - makes one speechless.

~ juhi

IRIS said...


Ansh said...


manisha lakhe said...

dan! kya baat kahee hai. kaash hamare liye koi aisi poem likhta!

maan gaye! this one is superlative.