Friday, September 29, 2006


What a shame to let go of a month without a poem, so I cheat again and treat you with an old one. Oops, hope you won't mind this. Not really one of my favorites. :-)

Like betrayal
Lingers at the corners of love
Ready to stab
Just when you expect it least.

Like woman’s smile –
Bewitching, mesmerizing –
Ready to bind
Just when you think you’re done with it.

Death –
Perhaps when I embrace betrayal
Or free self from the trappings of love –
I will turn around
And embrace you too.

Death till then
Is only an epistemological hell
Three stanzas beneath my verses.

© Dan Husain
April 16, 2005


lovemarks said...

Loved this!!! (actually more than the earlier one...)

my poetry journal said...

hi Dan,

please check this post. it is also displaying some garbled html commands. but, the poem is good.


Excellent poem. Bewitching!

Mone said...

Thank you, this is very comforting!

iamnasra said...

Its been awhile..missed your poetic thoughts