Sunday, January 16, 2005


Faces strange and sublime
Stare across a window
That perhaps was never there
But only as a wish
Glimmer through her glittering eyes.

She suddenly lets the veil slip
And her lips pout
To finish a statement
That she doesn’t wish to say.
I awkwardly ease her embarrassment.

Her hands dismissive, drawing an arc
For me to see the rainbow
Of desires hidden in her bosom
But her incoherent words
Mask a silence she wishes me to hear.

I have a non-committal smile on my face.
I stare at her henna dyed feet,
The anklet sensually resting on them.
I do not know what to say.
I get up, say thank you and make my peace.

I have nothing to offer
And she asks for nothing…

Murtaza Danish Husain
December 24, 2004

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