Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A July Night

On a humid July night
Your breath caresses my cheek,
A sweet symphony traverses through my body
And it suddenly begins to speak.

I stealthily stretch my hand
Under the soft melting moonlight.
You coyly begin to open,
Urging us to transcend to a greater height.

I press my lips against yours
And you slowly begin to dissolve.
My body begins to ache for you
My soul yearning, wishing to evolve.

Amidst a seducing silence
And your tender embrace
I slowly enter you and a strange peace
Transcends on your face.

Our bodies move rhythmically
Entangled in a divine communion,
I whisper softly, “ Come my love…
Stretch till eternity this blessed union.”

©Danish Husain
April 27, 2001


Max Babi said...

Hi Sonny boy,
My wise father knew I loved the bone marrow,
one day I complained, why so little after working so hard for cracking the bones... he gave me a wise look and clammed up.
Next day he got me a bowlful of bone marrow.
Eat sonny boy he said, to your heart's desire.
I ate and he watched.
After five or six helpings, I felt nauseous.
He smiled, got up and left.
I never touched bone marrow for years to come.

cheers !


Jyotsna said...

Wonderful weaving of words Dan..

iamnasra said...

Love tangles its desire
To unending horizon
The ache of each droplet
Lingers into to the ecstasy of the beloved souls
As the July night spread its wings
For magical night of love
Every cell of the humanly body transcends
In a total eternity submission

copyright 2005, nasra al adawi

after reading your poem

Shankari said...

O the words! What a sensuous tapestry they weave! On a July night!?!